Kristine Jelstrup

“Since I’ve been seeing Kristine, I finally feel confident that my health care is in good hands. Minus the expensive, often unnecessary diagnostic tests, and minus expensive pharmaceuticals with worrying side effects! Kristine has helped me resolve medical issues that I was going to multiple specialists for, prior to seeing her. Combining holistic technology with her own intuitive discernment, Kristine provides efficient, reassuring, patient-friendly care that I value highly. Though I don’t understand “how it works,” there’s no need to. The bottom line is that I’m a different person, health-wise, than I was when I walked into her office for the first time, a year ago.” Carlotta H., Cambridge

"After a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, 4 years ago, which I believe was a result of an imbalance to my system after abdominal surgery, I tried everything; acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, hypnosis, as well as traditional medical care. My symptoms involved feeling fatigued to the point of exhaustion, food sensitivities, dizziness, hyper sensitivities to light, crowds, and noise. I had some improvements over the years, mostly because I was following a strict routine of rest, diet and stress reduction methods such as self Reiki and meditation. I heard Kristine on a radio show and was intrigued by the idea of muscle testing. Within a three month period, Kristine worked with me and after testing me and coming up with parasites as a main issue, she put me on enzymes to get rid of the parasites. I could feel my body go through a bit of a "detox" and then came out on the other side feeling like my old self again, from before my surgery. I am able to eat foods I was not able to eat, my feelings of over-stimulation in crowds has gone, I no longer get the waves of dizziness that was common for me to get throughout the day and, although I still have some fatigue, it feels much more "normal" and not the incapacitating feeling of exhaustion. Kristine is very caring and responsive to your needs. She is very thorough and really gets to the root of your issues. Thank you Kristine!" Linda B., Medford 

"I have been a client for about 6 months for overall health and wellness concentrating on food allergies. As I have over a hundred food allergies I had simply hoped to stop becoming allergic to more food items, I never thought I’d be eating foods I hadn’t enjoyed in decades but I am! My son is a client too, he never thought he’d enjoy peanut butter again, but he eats it every day now! I couldn’t be happier with the results and I recommend the Wellness Center to everyone." Judy R., Brookline

"I have suffered from migraines for 13 years and I have tried everything under the sun both eastern and western medicine to cure and or at least alleviate some of the pain as I can't take pain meds.... my body won't tolerate them. A friend of mine who has severe allergies and is seeing Kristine recommended her to me. I have to say that she is one of the most dedicated providers I have come across in a long time and I've seen quite a few providers in 13 years!! Most importantly, she has been able to lessen both the severity and the duration of the migraines and is diligently working towards eliminating them all together. These are the best results I have had in 13 years!! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeing a caring and knowledgeable provider. Kristine goes above and beyond and is truly committed to overall health and wellness!!" Susan M., Hopkinton

"In just 5 short months I've been seeing Kristine, I have completely cleared all the symptoms that did not even touch the surface for 5 years with other chiropractic and NRT pracatitioners! I managed to lower my cholesterol 30 points in 3 months with 4 oils, completely balanced by gut, re-aligned by skeletal system. I gained overall energy with a plan that included healing supplements and a new easy to follow daily regemine that is now part of my routine. My regular Primary Cary doc is so pleased about the cholesterol drop without statins, she won't change a thing Kristine has implemented. Now I have team Bonnie working in tandem and am a happy healthy camper! Thanks Kristine." Bonnie B., Malden

"Thank you Kristine for helping my children!

Kristine helped us pinpoint my son's gluten intolerance after the doctor's tests were all inconclusive. I don't exactly understand how she does it, but she is able to listen to the body and knows what each one needs. My son has been thriving on her advice! She also helped us with my daughter when her eczema flared out of control this winter. Thanks to Kristine, I have a much better understanding of how to take the best care of my children." Aimee B., Cambridge

I recommend seeing her if something is just off and you don't know what it is, or if you know of a problem and want results. "Thanks a million for your help this past month! I booked my appointment to treat achilles tendonitis but through the overall evaluation realized the tendonitis was a symptom of other issues. Who knew? Not my PC doctor nor my PT... After six weeks of following your program - I'm running again with very little tendonitis. But more importantly, I don't have insomnia and I haven't had any migraines. Its been 15 years since I've not had to take advil or sleep medication regularly. Its amazing!" Jackie C., Cambridge

"I have been a client of Kristine's since December 2011. I have had many health and emotional issues and through her practice, Kristine has been able to get to the root of the problem and address it. With the information that is received in addition to the healing methods that she uses, I am able to make changes in my diet and lifestyle and directly address a problem which would normally take months of visiting different doctors and who knows at what expense (and if I would ever get a proper diagnosis). I have complete trust and confidence in her abilities and methods, as they have always been on target. Since working with her, my thyroid and adrenal issues have been healed and my energy has improved immensely. For this I will forever be grateful. Kristine also has a wonderful presence, is completely authentic, down to earth and compassionate. She truly cares about you as a client and wants you to get better. She is the real deal, generous, gracious, skilled and professional." Carol S., Belmont

"Kristine, I can't thank you enough for the fabulous work you are doing with Lucas. My 7 year old who has ADHD and a language receptive disorder, had trouble focusing in school and fell far behind academically. We've tried everything, seriously EVERYTHING, over the past 3 years and hopeless I decided to give it a try and send him to the Central Square Health and Wellness. After only ONE session Lucas had the best week of the YEAR in school. He has been going to Kristine for the past 3 months and his improvement is remarkable. He is focused, he is learning and now he even wants to go to school! For all those out there who have kids with ADHD, CSHW is the place to go! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Yanina L., Cambridge

"My OT was so impressed with my improvements after seeing Kristine a couple times that she retested my injured arm, I had tendon and nerve damage for 5 1/2 months, and told me that I didn't have to return for OT. She also asked for Kristine's business cards so she could give them to her patients. Amazing... the part that is even better than that is that I don't have to "waste" my time going to OT and that I am no longer wearing ace bandages or splints and am virtually pain free. Thanks again, Kristine! I wish I had listened to everyone and gone to you from the beginning." - Amy B., Cambridge

"I don't know where to begin to tell you the wide spectrum of things Kristine has helped me with in the past year doing KST and BK..... It is and has been an extremely valuable part of my emancipation and blossoming. What she is doing is a very impotant thread to a healing wave of the future...... deep thnx and graditude Kristine." Rachel R., Somerville

"I've been to Kristine a few times now and couldn't be happier. She has helped me with some recurring pain in my back and hip when nothing else worked. I tend to like deep tissue massage and so was a little skeptical that a seemingly more subtle treatment would work but I was completely pain free after two visits. Kristine has also helped me with my plantar fasciitis and offered me lots of tips on posture, stretching, and nutrition to help me on a daily basis.

She has a great passion for her work and it really shows through her professionalism and skill. I've long wished that alternative medicine was more readily available in the area and now I am so glad to have found Kristine!" - Lisa D., Cambridge

"Huge thanks for treating my insomnia, shoulder injury and tri training. Could not have finished the race pain-free without you and more importantly, I'm still sleeping better than I have in years! Thanks again!" - Jackie C., Cambridge

"I began seeing Kristine some months ago regarding several issues with my neck and spinal column. I had been to several doctors and chiropractors who gave some relief from my pain and difficulty standing up straight but I always ended up stuck in neutral. After reviewing my spinal issues Kristine suggested I try something called KST. Amazingly after only 2 treatments I was standing with a more erect posture than I ever have and had a great deal of relief from daily pain. Upon returning a month or so later I had another treatment to the cervical/ thoracic area to relieve tension and pain that resulted from a small hump in the area. With only one treatment the hump had significantly decreased. I can not say enough about the help Kristine has provided and I look forward to future massages and KST treatments. I recommend Kristine to anyone who has had any sort of cervical/ spinal issues. I can't thank Kristine enough!!!!! - John M. Norfolk, MA

"I was in a car accident 5 months ago and, while chiropractic has helped, Kristine's energy work was AMAZING! For the first time in months I am sleeping soundly at night and not waking up in pain. What a delight!" - Allison F., Chicago

"Ihave seen Kristine for various reasons over the years and she has always worked wonders. Most recently I was rear-ended and could feel my back start to seize up right away. Kristine made time for me that day, and the next day I felt as though nothing had happened. She is a great listener and is open to all kinds of different techniques." - Liz L., Cambridge

"I have been suffering from low back pain since Dec 2008 after an accidental injury. To treat it, I've been to my family physician, chiropractor, 2 surgeons, a physiatrist and finally went for physical therapy. Everybody (except the physiatrist) helped in some way and the pain nearly went away completely, but seemed to keep coming back every time I lifted something heavy or got on an airplane. The latest painful episodes were after a long plane ride and sleeping on multiple beds during vacation."

"I went to Kristine and she suggested a complete neurological evaluation of my back with appropriate treatment, since she felt that an underlying issue was preventing my body from recovering by itself. As I was walking back to the car after Kristine's treatment, I felt lighter and straighter, but didn't dare feel excited just in case this was just temporary. I felt progressively better every day since then and felt very good with no pain after just 4 days. I went back a week later, when Kristine did some minor work on 3-4 spots. In the same session, she also worked on my shoulders since I keep pulling them very regularly (about twice a month, with each recovery taking 4-5days). Again I felt better almost instantly."

"I have now been pain free for 2 straight months, even though I've done some strenuous activity like lifting a heavy suitcase, going for long walks, etc. I have also started running 3 days a week (progressively increasing my distance) since that 1st week, and no issues at all (I am doing a much better job stretching and warming up & cooling down before/after runs of course). I haven't had to go back to her since that 2nd treatment. This is absolutely amazing, just phenomenal. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!" - Sanjay D., Cambridge

"Kristine had a unique and much needed ability to not only understand where my back pain was originating from but was able to eradicate the pain within minutes. I have been seeing chiropractors of all kinds for years to treat my lower back pain, and then, by having Kristine work on me, in half an hour, the pain was gone. Not only in my lower back but in my neck and shoulder area as well -- proof to me that her work not only heals a specific area but the entire back as well. Her healing methods are cutting edge and not many people know about this kind of effective treatment but her ability far outshines any ordinary chiropractor I have ever seen. My lower back has been pain free ever since. I call it the "Jelstrup Effect" she's amazing!" - Melissa W., Cambridge

"My shoulder has been tight with restricted range of motion for over a year. After 2 treatments I had full range of motion back and no pain. Amazing!" - Tom G., Newton

"I really messed up my lower back and was afraid I was going to miss some days of work. After the first treatment I was walking without a back brace and no pain pills. After the third treatment I felt 100% back to normal. Kristine is the best!" - Dave Y., Cambridge